El Juego de Maní

El Juego de Maní (meaning peanut game), sometimes referred to as Baile de Maní (or simply as Maní), el Juego de Maní con Grasa (peanut with grease game) or Bambosa because of its smooth and slippery qualities[1] is a martial art/dance that was brought to Cuba by the African slaves. It has its roots in the Kongo-Angola culture and is still kept alive today in Cuba today by many folklorical groups. Maní is similar to Capoeira (which is also derived from the Kongo-Angola culture) in its African roots. It is a missing link of the arts brought from Africa to the Caribbean. The participants are referred to as "Maniseros".[2] Although not as gymnastic as Capoeira Regional, it is much more similar to Capoeira Angola or L'agya (or Damaye) from Martinique and Guadalupe.[3] Caricao has a version and Puerto Rico has Maní, which should not be confused with Cuba's Juego de Maní.[4]
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