Runa Glima is one of a number of Western martial arts that are still practiced today and is a late development of the Icelandic self defence form of folk wrestling called Lausatök Glima. There are three ranks of training and following on, two further ranks relating to instruction. Apart from unarmed combat which ranges from wrestling to the use of punching , kicking, elbows, knees and head butting, training also includes the use of weaponry in the form of a stick to be used with one hand, a stick to be used with two hands and a staff. The second weapon studied, the two handed stick is sometimes replaced with the study of the small wooden hand shield though the traditional Viking or Anglo Saxon Shield may be favoured instead and the staff is sometimes replaced with the study of the spear. The knife, which may be of Viking or Anglo Saxon tradition in origin, is primarily used as a utility tool for making the wooden weapons, but is studied in depth in the third training rank as a self defence weapon. A traditional background is studied in the instructing ranks which involves studies such as Útesita, faring forth, spá and seiðr including a knowledge and use of traditional historical rune systems.
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