Yu Sul is an ancient Korean grappling and striking martial art which is believed by Koreans to have existed in Korea. It is another name for the martial art subak. The characters for Yu sul is the same as those for jujutsu of Japan. Yu Sul (also spelled as yu sool)is taught in its original form by Grand Master Dr. Tom Gwak. Master Gwak is a 9th degree black belt in the art of Hapdosool. Hapsodool http://www.hapdosool.org is recognized as the first combined Korean Martial Art system. It should be noted, that the modern day art of Hapkido, is a spin-off of the original art of Yusool. Although earlier forms of self-defense referred to as Yusool existed, one of the influential masters & revivers of Korean Yusool was; Choi Yong Sool. Born in 1904, he traveled to Japan at a young age and studied; Dai Dong Ryu Yu-Sool under master Takeda Sokaku. Choi Yong Sool later taught Yusool to; Soh Bok Sub, a Yudo Black Belt expert. Years later, (1940’s), Soh Bok Sub made a number of changes in the original system of Yusool and called his new system; Yu Kwon Sool. The new system of Yu Kwon Sool placed heavy emphasis on: throws, joint-locks, pressure points, punching, & kicking. Ji Han Jae, another student of Grandmaster Choi Yong Sool, formed his new system of SungMuKwan Hapkido after extensive study of Yusool under Grandmaster Choi Yong Sool. For a short period of time, Ji Han Jae called his system; “Hapki Yu Kwon Sool”. Realizing the name was to long, and he liked the name “Do”, which means “way of life”, much better than the name; “Sool”, which means “technique”, he shorten the name to; “Hapkido”. In general, Hapkido translates; Harmony, Power, The Way. [http://www.koreamartialarts.org/Yusool.html ]http://www.koreamartialarts.org/Yusool.html
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